Women's Pelvic Health

Say goodbye to leaking with exercise, painful intercourse, and pelvic heaviness. Let the Pelvic Docs help you find true relief from pelvic pain, sexual dysfunctions, and urinary/bowel conditions. 

Women's Pelvic Health

A Pelvic Floor Women’s Health Physical Therapist has advanced post-graduate training in the management of a wide array of pelvic floor dysfunctions and pelvic pain conditions as they pertain to females.

Here’s what we treat: 

“Only 49% of women receive a formal diagnosis for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.”

Get the care you deserve.

Pelvic floor dysfunction affects 1-in-4 women, and at least 1-in-7 women between the ages of 18-50 suffer from pelvic pain.

Unfortunately, only 49% of women receive a formal diagnosis, and most women never receive appropriate treatment.

At The Pelvic Docs, our pelvic health specialists offer a unique, cutting edge approach to patient care with the most advanced women’s health treatment strategies that are effective in treating pelvic dysfunction and pain.

Their advanced post-graduate training and advanced skill-set in differential diagnosis and treatment make them your perfect choice for expert care.

Believe in the process.

Ladies, you deserve answers. We are here to help you become the most active, confident version of yourself.