After the first meeting with Dr. Britnie, I felt an instant weight off my shoulders. I had been struggling with  Pelvic Organ Prolapse for 6 months after the birth of my first son, and had received conflicting healing advice from each of my doctors. I felt very alone in my recovery and healing journey until I met Dr. Britnie! She helped me feel heard, and provided educational and factual information on POP. Not only did she heal my pain and completely shift my healing process in under 3 months, but she helped me overcome the mental block that had developed from my diagnosis. She provides a holistic view of your diagnosis and focuses on healing all aspects of your life! I can truly say my life has changed because of her and that I feel 100% confident to have another child. Plus she is SUPER fun!! Truly a ray of sunshine. I am blessed to have met her and had the chance to work with her. I will continue to work with her throughout future pregnancies, and HIGHLY recommend her to all the Mama’s out there!