Reconnecting Intimately: Navigating Sexual Dysfunction with Understanding and Care

In the chapters of our lives where we expect joy and fulfillment, it’s particularly daunting to confront the shadows of discomfort and disconnect. Sexual dysfunction, a topic shrouded in sensitivity and often silence, strikes many—especially those navigating the physical and emotional landscapes post-pregnancy or amidst other pelvic health issues. It’s a juncture that demands nuance, […]

The Long-Term Impact of Routine Care During Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation, and significant change. With so much focus on the immediate and momentous events of birth, we often overlook the importance of comprehensive routine care during pregnancy and the critical phase of postpartum recovery. As expectant mothers and new parents, your well-being—and by extension, the well-being of your new […]

Tackling the Post-Pregnancy ‘Pooch’: The Pelvic Docs’ Approach

This blog post explores The Pelvic Docs’ approach to tackling the post-pregnancy ‘pooch’, a common issue faced by many women after childbirth. Learn about pelvic floor therapy, proper nutrition, exercise, cosmetic procedures and our commitment to help you feel confident and healthy in your post-pregnancy body.