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Are you the type of person who needs questions answered before taking the next step in life? 

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“Nearly 24 percent of U.S. women are affected with one or more pelvic floor disorders.”

While pelvic floor dysfunction becomes more common as women age, pelvic issues should not be categorized as acceptable and untreatable discomforts you must simply learn to live with.

When you see an expert, someone who lives and breathes treating pelvic floor symptoms every day, someone who is fanatical and high fives their team every single time they get a win for their patients, you’ll finally be in the right hands so that you can get rapid, lasting relief of pain and get back to loving your life of activity and being more “you”.

“Pelvic floor issues should not be something women believe they need to live forever!”  -The Pelvic Docs

If you’ve ever wanted to stop with all the excessive bathroom breaks and discomfort down there and live a life without worry, then keep reading so you can have all of your questions answered when it comes to pelvic health. 

1. Is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for women only? 

Actually, no! Surprisingly, men have pelvic health issues as well. If you are human and you have a pelvis, you have a pelvic floor. If you’d like to learn more about Men’s Pelvic Health, click here. 

2. I had a child 20 years ago, and have had trouble since. Is it too late to help? 

It is absolutely not too late to be helped. We would design a tailored plan of care for you with that in mind. It’s not too late, our bodies are capable of amazing things and that includes healing. 

3. I just had a baby, and am feeling pretty good! Should I still see a Pelvic Health PT? 

We would highly recommend it! Even if “right now” you’re feeling outstanding, down the line problems with your pelvic floor could arise and would call for a detailed plan of care. 

Furthermore, clearance from an OB/GYN or midwife at 6 weeks postpartum, doesn’t take into account the numerous ways your body changes during pregnancy. Working with a pelvic floor physical therapist is the best way to re-establish ideal movement patterns for life and exercise.

4. Wouldn’t my doctor have told me if I needed Pelvic Health PT? 

Sadly, not every OB/GYN or midwife is well versed in all the great things pelvic health PT can do. Their focus is always going to be on you and your baby’s health during pregnancy and to help you bring your baby into this world safely. 

5. Do I need a referral from my doctor? 

Nope, Arizona is a direct access state, making Physical Therapist including Pelvic Health Physical therapist primary providers for musculoskeletal conditions. While you don’t need a referral to establish care, some insurance may require them for reimbursement. Don’t worry though, we are happy to help you determine if your insurance provider requires one. Just give us a call!

6. I’m not sure I can afford private Pelvic Health PT services. Is this right for me?

We completely understand. We are a specialty clinic of expert Pelvic Health PT’s that get lasting. While we work with all insurance providers, patients can expect non-covered services to help them meet their goals. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding pricing please reach out. If we aren’t the right providers for you, we will happily point you in the right direction. 

7. I’m going to have surgery for my condition. Do I still need Pelvic Health PT? 

Yes. If you are getting surgery for your condition, chances are that won’t come with an at home plan of care for you to feel better for a lifetime. Furthermore, you want to protect your investment, surgery can cost a lot both financially and time wise. 

8. I have pain with sex, and have been told to “just relax,” or that it’s in my head. Can physical therapy help? 

Absolutely! Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is something we treat often. As provider our job is to determine the root cause of your pain and select treatment options that not only reduce pain but prevent it from coming back. It’s not just in your head, we got you. 

9. I have tried kegels, and they haven’t helped. Why would Pelvic Health PT work? 

Kegels aren’t for everyone. In fact, many of our current and past patients aren’t prescribed kegels and are able to stop leaking, engage in activity pain free and manage symptoms of prolapse. 

A good pelvic health PT is going to look at the whole body to determine the cause of your symptoms. An isolated approach to a pelvic floor condition, like Kegels, will rarely work because the pelvic floor muscles are part of a system.

10. How many sessions will it take until I’m not dealing with my issues anymore?

This can vary greatly person to person and condition to condition. On average most patients work with a pelvic health PT for 10-12 visits over a 3 month period. If dealing with a most persistent condition it may take longer to see results. We believe in transparency and clarity surrounding your care and will always discuss how long we expect care to last during your first couple visits with us.

11. What types of tools or treatments are used?

Treatment can vary person to person and condition to condition. Being a speciality clinic we offer a wide range of treatment options including: 

  • Dry Needling 
  • Manual therapy including soft tissue, scar massage,  joint mobilization, and joint manipulation
  • Corrective exercise and neuromuscular re-education 
  • Functional exercise 
  • Return to sport training and conditioning 
  • Individual coaching for pregnancy, labor and postpartum 

For more information on what we offer click here.

12. What if I don’t want to come back after 1 visit? Will you be offended? 

We will take no offense. You have to do what is best for you, and while we are confident this won’t be the issue, we also understand that we might not be the perfect provider for everyone. We do ask that you communicate with us anything we could have done better! 

There you have it..

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