The Hormonal Influence on Constipation Explained

Constipation, defined as the inability to pass stool regularly or having hard, dry stool, is a common complaint among people. However, what most people aren’t aware of is the role of hormones in constipation. Hormones have a significant impact on many functions in the body, including digestion. As such, understanding the hormonal influence on constipation […]

Abdominal Distention and Bloating: A Pelvic Health Perspective

This blog post explores the link between pelvic health and abdominal bloating and provides ways to address bloating from a pelvic health perspective. Learn more about pelvic floor exercises and lifestyle modifications that can help reduce bloating.

Men’s Pelvic Health FAQ’s

Get Answers for Pelvic Pain Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction Men, are you interested in coming in for a pelvic health appointment but not sure what to expect?  “Up to 16% of men are affected by pelvic floor dysfunction.” -Mayo Clinic When it comes to our health, we often have a lot of questions. Today we are going to […]